BRIDGE STREET: How To Eat Natural In 2011. 1-6-11

Marty Butts from Small Potatoes shows us how to eat more natural this year.
resolutions to eat healthier in 2011. you brought local foods that we should eat and some we should avoid. >> the local foods i brought you should eat. the other foods i brought you should avoid. >> okay. >> that’s good. >> where do you want to start? starting with the good or bad? >> let’s start with the yogurt end since we are still at breakfast time. we’ve got — things that we’ll try to avoid and then in the back in the bags containers we want to eat. start with yogurt then the yogurt that is in the little bowl is yellow gold that is right is well advertised on every grocery store shelf we’re going to save their name from the fire. we’ll keep them out there. >> in yellow gold of the, what ingredients are we looking for? what are the this yogurt in the front has 18 ingredients. claims on the package it’s nonfat, light, heart healthy, makes a lot of health claims. using 18 ingredients.



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