BRIDGE STREET: Homemade Beauty Products. 1-25-11

Kaylea tries out some homemade beauty products on Chris!
>> we’re back this morning, food for thought, food for your face, your hair. >> rolling up my sleeves. >> you’re getting ready. >> i can see what we’re getting in to. >> i have to take my rings off for this. the first one is — >> rings? >> because you don’t want to get that gunk in your rings. we’re making a hand exfoliant, the wintery the cracked hands. it cleanses, moisture rises and removes dead skin cells all natural. we’re going to use ounce of ground almonds. >> that the a nice way to put it. >> ground up some almonds here. we’ll take about an ounce, probably about an ounce, right? >> they have good fat it makes sense for your skin. >> definitely. >> a little lemon juice we’ll add in. and some honey, which is good. that would be good for your dog, actually. >> i give some to my son, dominick, he’s buzzing like a bee, that’s a different story. lastly some sunflower oil. >> not oliv



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