BRIDGE STREET: Holiday Dessert Ideas. 12-15-10

Lauren Sparling from the Wegmans in Cicero shows us some of their baked goods perfect for holiday parties and hostess gifts!
the fantastic desserts we have invited the cicero wegmans to come in and talk about holiday desserts. good morning, lauren. we have a large spread in front of us. let’s start with the simple and work our way to the more complex. this is a simple butter cake? >> butter cream. it’s our simple cake that we keep in the case. we have ones that are decorated like that and you can order one. this is decorated for the snow that we have going on right now. >> it says let it snow on the cake. now i know. >> sparkles on there, too. >> it’s edible glitter. >> and these cakes you can order. >> yes, you can order 24 hours notice is perfect. they come in all sizes from small, and large serves 60-72. >> and what p about other cakes. >> we are not taking orders and cakes for pies for the holidays. >> that is wegmans in general. we are going to have enough for everybody. we count our numbers well and we a



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