BRIDGE STREET: Eat Seasonally In CNY. 1-26-11

How to eat seasonally in the winter months.
>> it is always good to have great food around and it is also that food is local and here t talk more about that is melissa young. it is hard in the winter to eat locally so how do we, i guess, work with that challenge? >> sure. i think the key part about eating seasonly and locally is knowing where your food comes from, knowing your local farmer, being connected to the people behind the product. and so you can do that by eating fresh local produce, you can do that by eating freshly food that’s made locally in syracuse and central new york. >> what type of health benefits are there associated with eating seasonally, melissa? >> when you eat seasonally, you eat product that’s fresh. a product that is more nutritious, and for the most part, tastier i think. >> and local too. >> and local. >> if you think about it, if you’re getting blueberries and i’m guilty, i was eating blueberries 45 mi



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