BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Wraps, Bagels And Beef. 1-11-11

The “Beef Babe” Jean O’Toole from the New York Beef Industry Council teaches us about using deli roast beef.
>> the new year is here and with it those christmas shopping bills are all coming due, credit card bills were in the mail yesterday. doesn’t mean you have to skip lunch just to pay the bills, jean o’toole is here from the new york state beef industry council how you can save money by making your own lunches. >> good morning. thank you for having me. the leanness of the checkbook and leanness of the new year. first of all, beef is made from the top round, the round or money is considered lean by ua standard. one of our — we can take this and do a plethora, the word of the day, the plhora of different sandwiches that you can do. this would be considered a breakfast sandwich. what it is, whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, capers, very good way to start. you can go ahead wrap it up have it for lunch a. taco wrap. >> shredded cheese. >> bean dip, roast beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato. then we



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