BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Wegmans Big Game Foods. 2-2-11

Chef Dana from Wegmans helps us plan our menu for our Super Bowl parties.
>> well, chef dana joins us from wegmans. thank you if — for traveling throughout ice and snow to be here. we are talking super bowl spread. >> you know, for most people they mess up their kitchens every year so what we want to do at wegmans is stop in, pick it up and bring it home. no messing up the kitchen. have it ready for you. we have a monster wing bar, 10 or 12 different kinds of wings. we have the new gourmet pizza that we offer and it goes in the oven for 10 or 12 minutes at 350 or bring home the new pizza and chips and dips and vegetable platters from the produce department or order them premade. >> and vegetables on super bowl. healthy. >> we got some of the dips from prepared foods and seafood has some. these are the cheese dips from old world cheese. >> how do you make nan. >> the nan bread is excellent with the dips like the cheese spread especially you spread that on ther



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