BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Pineapple Slaw & Rum Shrimp. 1-6-11

Chef John Reule from Dolce Vita offers us a taste of the tropics.
take us on a trip to the bahamas >> it will look like just you’re in the bahamas. >> happy new year. >> thank you. there it is. >> that’s whole point, we went to the bahamas and mexico for two tour countries for this month. i figured i’d bring in something that would remind us of the tropics. >> nice. >> what are we making first? >> actually the entire dish is rum marinade, i use malibu, that’s why the bottle is here. i emptied it because chris was here. >> how long do we marinate the shrimp for? >> an hour. i recommend overnight. >> the alcohol impact as far as the flaring up. >> it depends on how — what proof alcohol you have. >> 151 might do it. >> that would fre up. this actually, marinated overnight you can serve this cold or warm. in the restaurant we’ll serve it warm. obviously here today it’s going to be cold. i grilled them up before i got here. then i put a little bit of a twi



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