BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Pan Seared Chicken. 2-9-11

Wegmans Chef Gianni Vitale is in our kitchen today.
>> this morning we are joined by the fantastic chef gianni from wegmans. good morning how are you? nice to see you. >> nice to be here. i love the new look here. >> good and you look great on hd. thank you for coming. so what are we cooking up today? >> we have here are going to do a lemon garlic marinated chicken breast. >> and it’s been marinated for us. >> correct. and then we are going to get cooked off we’ll cook it in the pan and make a sauce which is we will do a peach gravy today. >> we need a butter cream. >> again, you get olive oil vegetable oil whatever you prefer. >> i have a question for you. these chicken breasts normally are thicker. how did you get them thin? did you pound them out? >> you can pound them out with a meat mall lot and saran wrap so you keep the meat from tearing or you get a knife and butterfly them. cut them in half and that is what i did. out of a packag



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