BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Nestico’s Salads. 1-14-11

Chef Anthony DeRosa from the popular restaurant makes a Cold Weather Warmed Salad & a Sirloin Bruschetta Salad Stack.
>> chef anthony joins us from nestico’s restaurant. good morning. how are you? >> good. >> making up nicearm winter salads. >> the first salad is a sak bruschetta salad. we have nice garlic toast, spring mix with romaine, bruschetta mix, romano cheese and a fresh pesto. >> best cheese in the world. >> and the first thing we will take some of our house dressing and drizzle it over nice like that. and mix it up. >> is that like an italian dressing? >> yes, sir it is our house dressing. mix that up a little bit. and we are going to take it and put some right on top of this nice garlic toast i got right here. >> it smells so good. >> and we are going to take our steak, this say new york strip steak we are going to slice it very thin. >> cooked perfectly just a bit of red in there. >> try and do it medium rare. >> and it’s warm? >> yes. and we will layer the steak on top like this. trying to



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