BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Mattie’s Toasted Rueben. 1-5-11

Tina Hills from Sophistications Jazz Cafe shows us how to make one of their signature sandwiches.
ruben with a little splash of jazz. good morning. >> hi. >> we are making a ruben today, right? something on your menu, the top seller? >> it is one of our most popular sandwiches. >> why do you call it mattie’s toasted ruben? >> mattie is my husband’s mother and she loves the ruben so this particular sandwich everytime i made it at home she would ask for it. so we decided to throw it on the menu and it’s become a favorite. >> how do you make it? these are big sandwiches. >> absolutely. we’ve already premade the ruben. but one of our special ingredient that was the we add to it is our homemade coleslaw and what we’ve done is we’ve shredded carrots, red cabbage and green cabbage and we just take a little bit of that, we dice it up a little bit finer. and into our coleslaw we add half a cup of fresh crushed pineapple as well and it mix that together with a little bit of salt and pepper and



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