BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Haddock Lanzafame. 1-17-11

Chef Ray from Grimaldi’s Luna Park cooks with us today.
>> all right. here we are middle of the wegmans and middle of january and for those who made the new year’s resolutions to eat healthier we have a recipe for you. and chef ray joins us. we have haddock, right? >> yes, we have nice fresh haddock and a haddock right off the menu. >> lazafan mean? >> it is a friend of rita’s it was his recipe with adjustments and we’ve made it after him. >> this is named after him. what do i have to do to get a dish named after me? a donation? >> no we have to put it into works. >> get us started. >> you take nice 8 ounce piece of haddock and place it in a baking tray and we want to top the fish with some seafood stock or clam juice and get some white wine in there. >> any table wine chardonnay. >> chardonnay is a good white wine or dry ver mute is better and put lemons in there to soak up the juice. and we top it off with oiled italian breadcrumbs. >> not



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