BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Grimaldi’s Utica Greens. 12-20-10

Chef Ray from Grimaldi’s Luna Park shows us how to make their version of this popular local food.
>> it is nearly christmastime here, all the parties are in full swing. if you have party coming up this is great dish you can make. you disagree, chef. this is local dish, regional dish. >> we heat up a little bit of olive oil. we’ll render off some bacon. we cook that with the onions. with some garlic. >> now is this your recipe or family, whose recipe is this? >> i don’t know. because they made the recipe before i was around. they just taught me. they teach me a few versions because people have different tastes they like to eat different styles of this. this is approximately the way we make it at the restaurant. i’m just adding sausage in for more heartiness today. >> speaking of sausage, you make this. >> fresh, homemade sicilian sausage made with cherry wine, cheese. >> that’s something that you’ll find different. >> some people like gianelli sausage they will put some of that in the



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