BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Cucumber Onion Dip. 1-31-11

Our “Dip Week” begins with one of Kaylea’s favorites.
>> welcome back we are kickingng off this week with a mixed cucumber and onion dip. thank you, chris. >> making sure it works. we have power. >> this is healthier dip to start the week off. >> a lot of dips can be high in calories and not good for you. i will be doing that tomorrow. >> that is right. okay. so we start with sour cream and you can use the cheese at wegmans. low fat cream cheese. and this is light cream cheese from wegmans. we are going to get a tub full. this is an eight ounce package. >> is this your recipe or have you stolen it from somebody? >> i’ve stolen t i made this for super bowl last yeart our friend’s house and people liked it because it was a fresh take on a dip. and we need the main ingredients. we have chopped this has to be seedless cucumber because it is a pain if it isn’t. we need two cups. >> chopped up? >> chopped up. >> fine or taste the chunks. >> you m



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