BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Chunky Guacamole Dip. 2-1-11

Our “Dip Week” continues today.
one of my favorites. this is out of the the book “real food for healthy kids.” >> i love quacamole. >> we’ll do a good job on this dip. >> we start with three avocados. mash them up for us. >> then we are going to add in all of these great ingredients. >> cilantro or coriander? >> i add cilantro but not coriander. >> same thing. no, it’s different. >> i’m sorry. i’m not fancy enough for you. >> i do teach culinary class. >> that’s inside joke. >> funny story shouldn’t i share the inside story? >> friends at home, when i first started here, chris told me that he taught a cooking class. >> did not. >> yes, you did. taught a cooking class, i guess i am gullible i believed it. i then went around telling everyone that chris indeed taught a cooking class. he was that skilled in the kitchen. >> just you a? >> not true. >> you have that mashed. we’ll add that in here. let me grab — a spoon. >>



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