BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Chicken Stock. 1-1211

Chef Bob Langkammerer from Wegmans shows us the recipe on the cover of the new “Menu” magazine.
>> we are in the kitchen with chef bob today we are learning how to cook a chicken stock which i cannot wait to learn. how are you? >> i could not be better. th say great thing to have you here in our home. >> it smells so good. it is all the hustle and bustle it’s exciting back here. >> it’s always fascinating to see what goes on in the kitchen behind the scenes with the people doing their work. but one of the things that we are very excited about is the new menu magazine that comes out january 16th. and the cover of the magazine has a chicken stock on it. it’s just phenomenal. and it’s great to learn this process as you grow and learn more and more you can make more and more with the chicken stock. >> and in the magazine there’s different variations that you can use it for, right? >> five or six options so you can make a chicken pot pie, chicken and dumb lings you could do different th



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