BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – Chicken And Spinach Pastina. 1-13-1

Owner and Head Chef Tony Imbesi from The Market Diner shows us how to make one of his featured soaps.
>> here we are in the heart of winter certainly nice hardy bowl of soup and cooking with the market diner, the head chef and owner. boy, what are we cooking today this something with broth here, is it turkey broth? >> it’s chicken stock. which is a little bit different than a broth. >> how so? >> that’s another show. >> when you make stock typically you’ll season or flavor it with vegetables. and broth you wouldn’t. >> new year, new information. >> exactly. cold out, you like soup when it’s cold out? >> nice big hearty piece of bread. >> chicken and spinach pastina. i serve this every tuesday at the diner. just going in the pan, heated pan with a little oil then i’m going to go right in with what i call or what some classically trained chefs will call mere pow. mirpoix. >> some falls out. >> for the dogs. >> i’ll get that cranked up i want this to boil. i’ll show you what i do at the end



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