BRIDGE STREET: Cooking – “Blissful Burma.” 12-22-10

Julie Taboulie shows us how to make this Middle Eastern signature sweet.
>> time for little food with julie taboulie. how are you, julie? >> i’m good, how are you guys. >> all dressed up. >> sparkley. >> you’re making — you have a nice dessert. this will sparkle. >> we have, called verma, it really is so blissful when you eat it. this is obviously one of the many amazing middle east ensweets that we make around this time of year. this one however is made with shredded phyllo dough. very similar to the regular, just processed in strands. >> angel hair almost. >> looks like — exactly. this is actually, all different types of shapes and forms that we make. this is actually really delicious, it’s cut in to squares makes it easy for viewers at home to make because it’s more in layered kind of version here. what i started off with is some shredded phyllo dough, mix a little bit of clarified butter, the unsalted butter that you render all of the salt out. what you



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