BRIDGE STREET: Blueberry Cherry Salsa. 1-26-11

A healthy alternative to the regular chips and salsa… Blueberry and Cherry salsa!
>> wegmans has a covered with all the game day staples. they have piz sax wing, the veggie market has fresh fruit and we will go in the back. chef bob is cooking a healthy alternative to bring to game day. chef today are you teaching us how to make a blueberry and cherry salsa. this is healthy option for our game day parties. >> it is amazing snack and we use the frozen berries that are just from our food you feel good about series. and they are quickly picked. >> and these are in the frozen section. >> in the frozen section. the pharmacy is highlighting this product because it’s super for lowering burden of proof. and this snack would be great for lowering burden of proof. at the pharmacy they have a — blood pressure. >> they have a display but it is a great dish. >> it sounds delicious. >> it is fantastic. >> are you chopping up jalapeno. >> you have to be careful when you cut hall pe



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