BRIDGE STREET: Big Game Artichoke Dip. 2-4-11.

We finish off our Big Game Dip Week with Chris and Sarah’s Special Artichoke Dip!
>> all right dip week concludes today and we are going to end the week, i wish i could claim ownership to this dip recipe but it is my wife’s recipe. >> and i hear it is good. >> it is very good. it’s not exactly if you are health conscious or trying to lose weight or stay in healthy lifestyle. >> but it’s dip. like you eat a couple. >> you don’t eat the whole thing. it’s artichoke dip. now it is a homemade artichoke dip you need artichoke dips you get a jar. >> and they are coorsly chopped. >> and that is what we have in the bowl here. here comes the healthy stuff. then you have to add a cup of mayonnaise. and with the mayonnaise comes some parmesan cheese. so we’ll add that in there, too. i will put this here there you go. and a cup of it. and maybe i will allow to you stir that in. and my wife made this when we were overseas for a couple years there was a christmas party and of course



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