BRIDGE STREET: 1060’s Mojito Chicken. 1-10-11

Chef John from 1060 Restaurant shares his recipe for Mojito Chicken!
>> you know there are tacoes burritoes, fajitas what about mojito chicken? chef john joins us from the 1060 the gennesee grand hotel. this is your recipe. i feel privileged to be standing next to someone who invent the recipe. what is it? what is mojito? >> we mic the recipe after the mojito drink the classic cuban drink. it’s muddled mint leaves, with simple syrup and lime juice and rum and tequila. we have tequila in ours. we cooked half of the alcohol out. >> you have to cook it out? >> we don’t want it entirely boozey but we cook half to have out and bake t dish off. what i will have you do is we take some of the liquids in the ingredients. first and then we whisk out the sugar and the salt. so what we’ll do is take the lime juice and the cooked off some of the tequila here. >> how much is this quantity wise? >> there is half a cup of lime juice and i believe it’s half a cup of tequi



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