Brian Zachau – World’s Greatest Bartender

The World’s Greatest Bartender stops by to speak about his victory.
live.” elizabeth heard that i was coming back, so she got the heck out of here, and des is here from k.s. 95. >>> brian zachau, is the five-time u.s. champion for the greatest tgi friday’s bartender in the world, but he’s never been able to take the world title. >> this all changed this past weekend. here to tell us how he did it is the world’s greatest bartender, brian zachau. congratulations. >> that will never get old to hear. that’s great. >> the world’s greatest bartender. >> it’s a two-day competition. you have to have two really good days, and finally it was my time to shine. >> how many times have you a tried? >> my — seventh attempt. >> this is all we de, just the flying bottles and the wowing the crowd. >> the first day, they actually take us some comprehensive skill testing, test us on our knowledge. we have speed tests we have to pass or do well in, and we also have some acc



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