Brewing Up Interest

A local food movement brews up interest through a fermentation festival.
a celebration today for a local food movement… brewing up lots of community interest and support. ++loc:00++ the willamette valley sustainable foods alliance hosted its “fermentation festival” today at wow hall in eugene. it’s the second year local vendors ha taken part.. fermentation is the process of turning sugar.. into preservative acids. vendors at today’s festival make products like beer and tea.. also foods like yogurt.. breads– cheese and chocolates. (“fermented foods are full of probiotics, different kinds of micro- flora that when you put it in your body, it actually teaches your immune system how to function better. it’s full of b-vitamins and it tastes amazing on top of it, so it’s just a huge win win situation.”) last year about 4- hundred people went to fermentation fest… and they’re expecting more this year. today’s event raised money and donations for food for lane c



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