Brent’s Creamy Crab Soup & Greek Salad

Brent’s Creamy Crab Soup & Greek Salad
of our buzz-were the topics. >> we are in the kitchen with shaft brent schmitz from — where it chef — with chef brent schmidt. >> be are going to be having a chopped greek salad. we have some green olives, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, that she’s — said that she is — feta cheese. been then we will move on to the cream of crap suit — soup. we’re going to chop some shallots, up lump crab meat, mashed potatoes. >> it is perfect for the summertime, too. it sounds like it is pretty quick and easy. >> it is relatively simple. >> we are going to start with the soup. >> we’re going to start with the salad. we’re going to start chopping some of these things up. >> this is all stuff that people can go out and grab at the markets. >> people are probably going to have artichokes’ lying around. >> what do they have to do with the artichokes? >> we get these freshly frozen and then we will marinate



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