Breakfast Strata

Breakfast Strata
do our best to get them on the air. >> chef bob is back in the kitchen this morning. this is one of those movies where they start at the end and take you back to the beginning, like the “english patient.” >> thank you for the lead in. the check is in the mail. this is vacation week. when i am on vacation, something i look forward t is waking up when i want to and making breakfast and enjoy the day. you do not have to feel rushed about things. i do not always eat breakfast. we’re going to do a strata. it is a breakfast casserole. i have some ingredients here. make it like you want to. you can add and delete items. i am going to start off with a few things. you have some italian sausage. i took the italian sausage and took it out of the casing and cooked it off. i precook to these because it is kind of like watching paint dry. i did not — i wanted to rush through all that. i took the baco



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