Breakfast Smoothies And Frittattas

Chef Rebecca Oren prepares frittatas and smoothies.
your family. >> you are here to show us how it’s done. welcome, rebecca, great for have you on the show.w >> thank you very much for having me, it is great tso be here. >> you say you don’t have 0h get rid of the wonderful holiday leftovers. there are fun and excitingx things you can make with them. >> and you don’t even have to plan very far ahead. this is a great way toat use what is already in youir fridge and put in combinations to please everyone. >> today we’reay makingn breakfast, a fritata and smoothy. what goes. >> this? t i >> you hav ye what would boe leafovers from my own house, chicken, roasted asparagus, roasted grain grape tomatoes anesd shredded mozzerella and parmesana cheese. >> what would i have to do to get the party started. rt >> the party started aed long timee ago. >> it d>>id. >> this is whole grains and separated egg whites. if you don’t mind cracking the whole



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