Breakfast Make-over

Breakfast make-over
erin bakeover. >>> who says breakfast needs to be boring or unhealthy? erin bake hear a better idea. >> i’m in the kitchen with the queen of breakfast, healthy breakfast, no doubt, erin baker. what are we making today? >> we’re making my mom’s famous power protein pancakes. super healthy, so easy to make them. >> that’s right. just four ingredients. you throw right into the blender. >> this is half a cup of raw oats. of the four this is the one you want to put in first because it needs the most blending. second we take our almond meal. you can buy this at the store. this is 16 ounces of nonfat cottage cheese, to keep the fat down. you can use low fat or whole, but i choose the nonfat. >> whole container. >> right in. >> we just have six eggs here that i have cracked. you can crack right into the blender but we’re doing this so you can see them. put these on top like that. >> that is it?



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