Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed
rhiannon is in the kitchen with kevin roberts, and they’re cooking up a brunch that’s worth staying in bed for. >> kevin roberts, restaurant owner, tv chef, cookbook author, also super guy. guess what. he loves his mom and his banana. >> bana just turned 93 actually. >> happy belated birthday. today you’re helping us make breakfast in bed for our mothers. >> we start off with rosemary roasted red potatoes. quarter them. >> how much salt? >> let’s go with more. you want a salty crunch. >> all of this garlic? >> gotta have garlic. >> i love garlic, and so does my mom, so she’ll be very happy. >> some rosemary now. you want to chop it up. break it up with your fingers. you don’t want banana gagging on rosemary. >> think you’re trying to kill her. >> yeah. i’m going to add some god olive oil to get it nice and coated, ground flat peper. does your mom or banana like spice? >> yes. >> i put it



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