Breakfast Brulee – Eggs In The City

This brulee isn’t for dessert but you might just gobble it up just as quickly!
Ryan and jarred from eggs in the city, yes, they do have christmas sweaters on and hats and it’s charming, boys, really?nnThank you.nnThey look great.nnThey are wearing them so proudly. We are going to talk about why they are wearing those in a few minutes. First we will talk about the brulee, breakfast brulee that you can have at eggs in the city. They are sharing this recipe. This is so delicious, this is way healthier.nnYeah. Oh, yeah.nnWe’re talking about yummy oatmeal, topping with fruit and veggies, brown sugar.nnYeah, and nuts.nnWe use a really good oatmeal. That’s the trick to it, i think. That’s the brand that we have there. That’s — makes a big difference.nnIt’s the steel cut. Every health magazine says use steel cut.nnIt’s ease stoi make oatmeal.nnIt takes 20 minutes to make that guy.nnA trick, they take longer, a trick you can do is soak them in water or milk or half&hal



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