Breakfast At Nellie Green’s

Eggs Florentine from Nellie Green’s.
great plreace to go for lunch.u >> but did yo u know it is great for breakfast. we love when yweou’re here,ee especially when you buring my favorite meal ofri the day, breakfast. you’re doing saturday and sunday mornings, too. >> when i first started doing breakfast, i usekfd i to – before i started doing breakfast, i used to come in in the morning do paperwork and grab a cup of coffee and sieet on the patio and one day i’m sitting out there with my coffe and thinking what a great place to have breakfast so now we dow breakfast.k st >> it is snice and ex clusive, you’re doing it until columbus day, but every sunday folks can make reservations and come and take in the view and enjoy breakfast with family and friends. >> and what >>most people say opthis time of year, they feel like they’re on vacation becaus ee it such a agreat location. >> has there been a big response? >> a very big res



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