Brazilian Fish Stew

Chef Leticia’s Brazilian Fish Stew.
how to make a delicious body-warming stew. we’re back with one of our w favorite chefs who always adds a brazilian twist to somem of her favorite recipes, we’re talrking aboutb chef leticia moreno-schwartz.sc great to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> you are from brazil and a lot of your dishes ofhave that brazilian in fluence. >> yes. >> why so? you really love to cok brazilian fod. >> i do, i love it. i’m fascinated by our culture and this dish tanhat we’hre goreing to make today which is caled a fish brazilian stew, zitia really represents the essence of our culture because it takes, captures the essence of thee three influ encens that formed us. >> from africa.a >> from africa, the native indian and the native portuguese.or >> how do you d pronounce iti again? >> mokeca. >> let’ s not say t hat again, i won’t pass that ttest. we want to start by sauteeing the onions and garli



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