Brazilian Beef Short Ribs

Brazilian Beef Short Ribs
>> we are in the kitchen with chef bob and the funny thing is he handed me the apron. he knows this kitchen better than i did. >> i get to enjoy it. >> we enjoy your visiting brits — you’re visiting. >> we will start with the ingredients. we have the shortribs, the marinade. this process is one where you have to plan a little bit farther ahead. we have a little magic for it. we have some rice wine vinegar, a little bit of vegetable oil, onions, cilantro, oregano. >> everything is fresh, too. it makes a big difference. >> this is going to marry a little bit. some chopped garlic. >> i do not know people who can cope without garlic. >> we have some salt. >> i need you to come to my kitchen. >> just give that a stir there. we will coat the ribs there. >> let the professionals do the work. i can pour cereal. you can do this. >> you are going to do fine. you can marinate this a couple of hour



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