BRAVO! Cucina Italiana

BRAVO! Cucina Italiana, located inside the Mercato at 9110 Strada Place, is a casual, white-tablecloth restaurant offering a fun, friendly atmosphere.
Doesn’t deserve a standing ovation i don’t know what. Bravo, chef.nnThank you.nnCoincidentally that is the one word i have to say for this guy is bravo. Bravo cucina italiana, that’s where steven calls home and he is ready for a diners that is inspired by what?nnBy the food of cicily. It is realy very diferent ingredient wise to what people think of as italian foo and people think of italian food and think of tomato sauce and that sort of thing.nnThat’s not what they eat in cily.nnThey do but cicily was occup occupied many grease ago by the greeks and arabs and you find capers and put moe spice a warmer climate than northern italy is unique just to cicily. The purpose of the chef dinner to showcase the diference from one region of italy to the other and how, you know, the next region. I did tuscany a couple weeks ago.nnHow did that go?nnReally well. People are familiar with flavors from



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