Bratwursthouse German Restaurant / Fort Myers

Fort Myers’ German restaurant serving authentic German food and beer.nnBratwursthouse German Restaurantn15455 Old McGregor Blvd.nFort Myersn239-985-9468
if you don’t believe me, just ask hansel. you recognize chef martin and lucy, they are from the bratwursthous house. what are you coking. >> beef thin sliced and fill it up with bacon and onions and slide a pickle inside, roll it up. >> i like the way you do that. thank you very much. how do you say thank you in german? [speaking german] this is where we are going right here. this is the end product. one of the delicious dishes that you, lucy, have. how would you describe german food? >> german food is not so heavy as many people are thinking about it. it is about lean pork and bef and, of course, homemade gravy. german kitchen doesn’t know corn starch. use butter and flour to make gravies and for the flavor juice from the meat and vegetable. >> there it is right there. chef martin, what are you doing here? no corn starch in the kitchen. >> no corn starch. >> what is this. >> a little bi



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