Branzino Ai Frutti Di Mare

L’Orcio is in the kitchen making a delicious seafood recipe.
you you. how the itlians do this, i love it. we’ve got a lot in store for us today and our viewers. what are we making? >> an italian — >> say that again? [speaking italian] >> means what? >> afillet of sea bass. the name of the fish which is right here, and we’re goingo take a fillet and seer it with cherry tomatoes, tacos, a litle garlic and we an start. >> let’s go for it. am i going to dump the olive oil in. >> extra virgin olive oil. >> we heated our hand. >> pan. >> that’s perfect. the garlic. >> how much garlic? >> like a teaspoon, not too much. >> how about that in. >> that’s perfect. >> we will go for browning this. >> not too much. we don’t want to burn it fresh garlic to taste. go ahead with the cherry tomatoes. >> how many? >> another full hand of that. that allegation ready. >> definitely ready. >> now we have the fish. >> you’ve already filleted this for us. >> yes, this i



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