Braised Short Ribs

We’re cooking Braised Short Ribs in the kitchen with Chef Anthony Ockunzzi from The Bay Voyage Inn.
7:00 p.m. central. let’s head on o ver to patrick in the kitchen, beginning to make ribs i believe. >> anthony from the bay voyage is back with us this mornihing on “the rhode show.” >> thank you. good morning. >> boy, this smells good. we have ribs, risotto. >> this is one of our signature dishes. it’s a bray short rib, and we short with a chuck c meat, lobster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, we make our own very nice veal demi i gloss, we’ll bes, making a risotto withwi it,t, so we need rice, an we n have someve heavyea cream, asiago cream and celery, carrots, onions and aromatics like thyme, rose mary, garlic and we’ll put it altogether. >> thi s is liks e a lobsterer mushroom. . >> t hey mom in seam son in the fall and they call them t lobsterob mushrooms, because they’resey’ reddish in color like a lobster, but they’re earthy, nice flavor, different than your regular white button mushr



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