Braised Littlenecks And White Beans

We’re cooking up some Braised Littlenecks and White Beans with Rhode Show fan Steve Pickman.
got g today, t, buddy? >> this morning, we’re m joined’r in the kitchen by rhode island fan steve pick maman. we were just a supervisors of rs his cooking, weki invited himnv h back. what are you doingat something with littlenecks. >> we’re going to do a littleneck braze braisedck with white beans and chorico. >> you’ve got sooume wine over here. >> yes much did you have the wine before, the white weans and wine. >> what goes i n ton this the scallo ps, red pepper fla pkes, butter, white wine, chicken stock and crusty bre ad. as opposed to stale bread. >> just sautee the ingredients gr and then throw the littleneckshe in and let it simmer in er winewi and butt he were. never a bad thneing. >> as always, find a the ingredients on line at foxprovidence.com.m. we’re going to brace our littlenecks in a preliminenary bit ithere in the can he tell comment in justus a a bit. you’re on “the rhod



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