Bottom Of The Bottle

What have you lost at the bottom of those bottles this year?
of the bottle, or jar, or tube it came in.consumer reports magazine found an amazing amount of money is wasted simply because consumers can’t get stuff out of the container. liz crenshaw gets to the bottom of all this. this. 3 dr. laura medhurstmarymount university says, “typically, more viscous substances are things that have what a chemist would call stronger intermolecular forces.”now before you zone out like you did in high school chemisty, let me tell you what dr. laura medhurst of marymount university is talking about. she’s talking about your money and the science of rheology, the study of flow…and when stuff doesn’t flow out of containers such as these, that costs you money…up to 25 cents on every dollar you spend according to consumer reports magazine. magazine. 3 kristina edmunsonconsumers union says, “well in september, we tested a variety of products from lotions to liqui



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