Boomas Revenge Chili

We’re cooking Boomas Revenge Chili with 2007 World Champion of Red Chili, Jerry Buma.
into thlee kitchen, vince, what have you got cooking for us, buddy. >> i have five i alarm chili. that’s what i’ve got. i’ve got two different kinds. i said to jerry, booma, nice to meet you, it’s jerry booma, long u, but it’s boom a’s ibo chili. i said to him before the show, jerry, what’s up with that and you say? >> nobody pronounces itno buma, they say booma, so we took the nickname. >> go with what works. tell u s what works. >> >> i have two different kinds of chili that we’re going to used to. >> in the competi tonpeon chili, you have and cut meat, and thennd there’s rede’eppers, green peppers, i like to use red onions, you can use white and the home style chili, whichil is the more popular chili, you havche beans andan the chicken broth, you’ve got ground abovvee and gof course, the secretco, spices, there’s no labels on it. >> secretre spices,. s >> so these spices are concocted



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