Boneless Short Ribs With Pappardelle

We’re cooking Boneless Beef Short Ribs with Pappardelle with Uno Chicago Grill.
sign up. . and speaking of kitchen, we’re going to head over to ours and nd”the rhode show” kitchen. vince, what’s going one, ot’ver there? >> i’ll tell you what’s going on in here. we have something that surprised me and it may i surprise you.ou we’ve gotwe chef chris gato here from chicago uno grill, and we’ve got beef, because you know, these guys,es youuy know, chicago pizza, the real thickth stuff, delicious, buiot who kn wew that they made beef. >> that’s right.ri braised. >> what we’re>> making today is braised short ribs of beef with roastedte p pepprs. >> what we have is a short rib cut from the chuck and the chuck is typically a tough cut ofou meat, so we’re going to braisebr that with vegetables.le >> braising means whaist? >> to cook in tok two-thirds vegetable, we’ll put red wutinein in, vegetables, stock,et we’stll he e cover it, put it in i i the of own for an hour and ar



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