Bon Appetit Memories

Patti Sinclair and Lassie Sullivan share their favorate Julia Child recipes
name your price. now, that’s progressive. call or click today. >> i’m going to try to flip this thing over now, which is a rather daring thing to do. >> they changed everything. before her it was frozen food and can openers and marshmallows. >> don’t knock marshmallows. >> many of you probably stil remember watching julia childs on her ground breaking cooking show. this clip was meryl streep playing julia childs on the big screen in the current hit julie and julia. today we’re making reces with patti sinclair and lassie sullivan. sisters, of course. it is always fun in the kitchen when you’re here. we’re making two recipes from the way to cok from julia childs ‘cookbook. tell us the recipe again. >> we will start with a traditional salad and in the book she talks about doing something dierent for a lunch or buffet and put it in a big pastry shell and we will make a giant cream puff. >> t



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