Boelter Superstore

Go beyond retail cookware stores. Shop at the Boelter SuperStore to find everything a cooking enthusiast is looking for: restaurant quality and a huge selection at wholesale prices. Save on everything: cookware, utensils, china, glassware, cleaning supplies and much more. Cathy Boelter joins us today to highlight a few of the thousands of restaurant-quality products available. Boelter SuperStore is located at 4200 N. Port Washington Rd.nnVisit Boelter’s website for more information.
>>> love it. >> welcome. you don’t need a commercial kitchen to make a right dinner but the tools will help. >>> today where all the best chefs in town get their tools. >> good news is you can shop there, too. >> kathy is with the boelter super store and the folk success cook wear and things people should have in your kitchen and homemade baking as well. >> it is a great topic. >> great to have you back, kathy. i love what you brought today. it is fair to say everybody should have this stuff. we will focus on baking today. as we go along and you start with containers i will point out some containers would be great for things like soup and marinating meats. >> a lot of other things snooks let’s get started. >> what is great, containers i use for so many different things and i use them for sugar and flour and brown sugar. >> can you see it there. >> exactly. >> we have them in multiple siz



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