Bob’s Favorite Cheese Balls

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we can do it, you can do it. but we’re going to start out the show with a home made cheese ball recipe. i’m a huge fan of cheese balls. i have like 4 or 5 different cheese ball recipes in my new cookbook. wisconsin, you’re having a holiday party, football party, i think you got to have a cheese ball, right? so this one is fun because it’s my husband, bob’s, favorite. cheese balls are great. you can make them ahead of time. when you’re having a holiday get together, you want to make them ahead of time. you want to have as much done, check, check, cheese ball done, cookies made, that kind of stuff, ahead of time. these are a must make ahead. also, i want you to pick up one of the premade cheese ballsnd look at some of the ingredients in there. i have no idea how to pronounce half the things in there. if you make your own, you know everything that’s in there. you can jazz it up the way you



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