Boat Drinks With Newport Restaurant Group

Shawn is out on the sea with Newport Restaurant Group, who are mixing up the perfect boating drinks!
wearing. >> armani, brooks brothers. well, this weekend, the international boat show getsbots underw ay in newport. >> and what a perfect excuse to make some delicious cold drinks withth newport restaurantre group, ro shawn tempesta ista live iniv newport. shawn, are you a little tipsy yet? >> we are so ready to start drink, aren’t me. >> we are.e. >> newport restaurant group brought us down to make some drinks. we’re on the boat called ja know. what are we making? >> thishi is hendrick’s gin, they’ve also added cucumber andum rose petal asaln arrowmatic and it’s quite delicious and right now in our restaurants, it’s selling, it’s a product that’s grabbed on, abpeople like it an enjoy it. we’ree going to garnish it with ait cumber. >> tell me what we’re going to do here. >> we’re on a boat, you want to make a drink that’s fast and easy, get a glass andss open up the bot em. this is an a



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