Blueberry Festival Doesn’t Require Foraging Skills

The 10th annual Blueberry Festival is expected to bring as many as 6,000 people to Girdwoood.
blueberries along girdwood’s many trails but if you don’t have any luck in that department there are plenty to be found at the blueberry festival the ride up mount alyeska is free. but you’ll work hard to bring home the goods. that was like in 30 minuets too, not to brag it’s an annual tradition that brings families together in search of blueberries. here’s how one young forager describes a full day and the trail with mom. i was really fun it was tiring, definitely tiring. if you’re not gifted in the hunt i probably got 10 hehe small bush there’s plenty of blueberry treats for purchase at the blueberry festival there’s piles of blueberries in here when you’re done picking blueberries you come back here, grab some food, grab a beer, listen to some great music and just kind of relax and enjoy the afternoon. on saturday a crowd the alyeska resorts estimates at more than two thousand sought



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