Blue Ribbon Awards

A theme to this week’s Blue Ribbon awards. We’re going with Asian Cuisine. Here are two Milwaukee restaurants doing things right in the kitchen.
that used to work for them. the restaurant will remain open. >> courtney hands out blue ribbon awards. >> we are going with asian cuisine. 2 milwaukee restaurants doing things in the kitchen. >> this sleek spot offers asian fusion and a menu that appeals to everyone. sushi rolls. > to sweet and sour chicken. sesame shrimp. our signature dish is sea bass. >> i’m hungry. >> you have to come in. >> who wouldn’t want to. it has a clean kitchen. >> you take an extra ten minutes a day. that is our motto. we get it done. >> for that we give this restaurant our first blue ribbon award. >> thank you very much. >> lucky lou’s on the city east side opened for business in july. this spot on van biewr ren near brady serves up 2 different cuisine. >> chien meetion dishes and sushi. >> this quaint restaurant has a su sheen — sushi bar and a lot to choose from and also has a clean kitchen. >> you are m



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