Blue Martini / Naples – Smoked Salmon Quesadilla

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>>> look at that. do you want to just stand here and look at that for the next five minutes? >> you stand and look and you can take a picture mentally and i’m going to eat them. >> okay. welcome back. we are smoking with smoked salmon quesadilla here. the they men you item at blue martini and chef leo. >> thank you. >> newses how a free glass of champagne aweights awaits you this sunday. details coming up. this is one of the new menu itemses. >> yes, one of three. >> this is the smoked sal man quesadilla. what were you thinking? >> the restaurant was cayan grill and we neded something for an appetizer that was something you can eat quickly, light, very flavorful and colorful. it is very colorful. the gren, yelow, onions, orange of the salmon. >> you have yellow bells and onions. what’s the green? >> cilantro pesto. >> what did you put inside here? >> cilantro leaves, garlic, parmesan che



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