Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon
it in the car, maybe you need it on vacation. nicea and michelle, they have yummy looking food wa, do you have. >> you know blue lemon is one of good things utah favorite restaurants with six locations across the wasatch front, so excited to announce they now do catering, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of your problems solved now with the catering program. and their new dish which is this chicken parm san, give me a break. >> give us a break and give us a fork. >> how did we get here without a fork. >> look at the different things on the menu, that new item is there, the beef short rips. >> i’m sorry, i’m getting in there. >> look at the dessert tray, that is what the camera is panning. they also have a spinach artichoke platter, this big raspberry salad if that is your favorite, now you can cater and breakfast, lunch and dinner at all six locations. everything fresh and delicious just



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