Blue Bonnet Cafe Celebrates

Good, home cooking hit a milestone today in Marble Falls.
shows how, from the depression to today’s current recession, business is still booming at the blue bonnet. bonnet. some shops just don’t survive. you find plenty of “for sale” signs in downtown marble falls. falls.but just a block away from main street, customers can’t get enough. enough.john kemper’s one who asked for a full helping. helping.full helping. helping.who asked for a full helping. helping.”well, i grew up here, and the gentleman, don bridges, who owned the blue bonnet, was wanting to retire,” said owner john kemper. “and every time id come in here, hed just beg me to buy it, and i finally agreed.he bought the blue bonnet three decades ago, and patrons keep coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths. fourths.”the biscuits and gravy,” said stacey cernosek. “is that horrible? i love it.” it.””they asked each one of us,” explained holton george, “if we mind sitting at a table with



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