Blue Boar Inn Bibb Salad With Creamy Parmesan Dressing

Chef Eric May shows us how to make a delicious salad with creamy dressing.
>> you know when you buy that creamy spar parmesan dressing to put on your salad, don’t do that again. eric may will show you how to make it. you have almost everything in your cupboard except for maybe the butter milk which is easy to get. so you will teach us. this is a gorgeous presentation when eric does this. >> this is the hydro ponic lettuce. >> my husband requests this kind of lettuce. >> it’s good. >> it’s sweeter and soft. it’s really good. >> yep. all right. so what else do we have to put. >> first we will start with mayonnaise, so you get the whisk over there. >> i got it. sour cream. >> so far, i have both of these in my refrigerator right now. >> touch of garlic in there. >> the other thing that is nice, sometimes when you buy the salad dressing at the store, you really don’t know what’s in them. they use preservatives. >> a lot of chemicals. this is grated parmesan. you ca



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