Blizzard: 12 Drinks Of Christmas

Each day Twist on Angell is showing The Rhode Show how to make mocktails for Christmas.
things over to benve right now. >> it’s our 12 drinks drinks of christmas, we’rech counting downin the days to the holidays. each day we’re going done showing you some fun, fess continue nonalcoholic –na festive, nonalcoholic ivdrinkson. dr this one is for those who dream of a w hite chrisoftmas. what are we making? >> we’ll be making a blizzard. iz >> what are some of the ingredients that make up a blizzard? za >> what we have,we ice, we’re going to startto with 8 ounces of ice, we’ll do 5 ounces of milk, orange juice, 2 ounces and finish it up with a tablespoonh bl of simple syrup gentleman. >> all right. now we’re going to garnish our glasse s, i noticed that’s been a trend with our 12 drinks, it makes it look pretty fancy. >> that’s right. >> let’s see if i’ve learned anything, i have my bartender’ outfit on. this adds do the drink, gives it color and makes itt pop, like we like to



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